My very wise room mate told me she was meant to be here, that this was part of her journey in life and it made me realize I believe that too. All the mess ups and the hard work I’ve put into turning everything around has brought me to this moment and I’m glad I’m here now and not a few years ago before I knew better and learned from my mistakes. I’m glad I am the person today and all my messiness made me this unbreakable person. 

Anyways, I love my room mates, they’re all nice and we get along so well and Kate, my room mate, is a sweetheart and I’m glad she’s in my room! I seriously lucked out in the room mate department! 

We all love us some Norweigans. 

And some boy likes me  but I’m terrified to settle down right now so I’m not over thinking and I’m just enjoying myself. 

Sorry for the quick update lol

Welcome to panic mode

I have one day and 23 hours left in Phoenix and I still have so much to do! I rushed buying new clothes so now I have to take half of them back and I still need to do laundry and pack and clean my apartment! AND I’M SO TIRED! Nervous nervous wreck! I’m terrified I’ll be under packed and everyone else will be prepared while I’ll be rushing around trying to get things once I move there. I wish I had a car, it would make my life easier. I’m going to bed and hoping I’ll get everything done by tomorrow! 


Reason why I’m excited for Disney:

I’m leaving the boy I love who will never love me and I can hopefully stop being reminded of all the places I fell in love with him or all the places I kept my mouth shut and let him fuck me because it was better than nothing. 

Leaving for Disney

I’m hoping running away from this place will make me forget all the places I fell in love with you. Then maybe, I can start to fall out of love with you.